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I can always count on you

Some readers read this novel as a suspense crime novel, while others categorize it as a love story. What I wanted to emphasise through the story was the power of faith, love and trust.


The opening chapters from the book I can always count on you​


The present story is based on the assumption that love and trust are necessary for a full and happy life. Love for everyone and everything that surrounds us. We have two big choices in life. We can look at life with fear or with trust. When our actions are motivated by fear, we get into trouble and fear deepens the trouble again and again.

It is necessary to trust that life is guiding us in the right direction, that we don't need to fight constantly in fear of tomorrow and control everything at all costs. We cannot control life; we can only trust it. Of course, this should not become an excuse for our own inactivity and laziness.

The world around us is as we are willing to see it. If we see beauty and love, it will truly surround and enrich us. However, if we believe in hypocrisy, jealousy, and selfishness, they soon become our reality.

Mia opened the window and looked at the stadium, which was being renovated. A few workers were lazily walking on the construction scaffolding, and the Monday morning seemed to be giving them no particular work enthusiasm. . She had been observing them here and there for two months, and she felt like the progress was slower than it could be.

The morning was a bit cooler than expected for this time of year. As she opened the window, a wave of fresh air burst in, clearing her mind a bit. "What kind of dreams," she thought. She had never dreamt such dreams in her life. She remembered them somewhat like this:

She slept in her own bed at night. She was awakened from her sleep by an unusually strong wind blowing through the open window. Her apartment shook like an earthquake. She felt a strong fear and an incomprehensible horror overwhelmed her. She got up and went to the balcony door. She saw several figures with their hoods covering their faces. They looked towards her, but then immediately turned away in hostility. The malice they exuded went beyond the limits of her imagination and left a deep mark on her soul.

Mia woke up in great horror and was relieved to realise that she had been dreaming the whole thing.

"What is the meaning of such dreams?" she wondered. But in the next moment, she pushed the disturbing thoughts out of her mind and tried to shake off the chilling nocturnal scenes. She was shaken by the fear that had filled her entire soul just moments ago. "I hope they don't foreshadow anything bad," she thought. In life, she had often heard of prophetic dreams. Of course, at those times, she never even considered that dreams could have anything to do with her real life. If only she had known then how very, very wrong she was...

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